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Exit Paperwork


1. Besides submitting an electronic version of your theses/dissertation to the Graduate School, please provide the SoMAS Education Programs Office a complete hard copy of your thesis, printed on good quality paper. We suggest Southworth Private Stock 24 lb. paper. It is 25% cotton, watermarked, white-laid finish, acid-free and archive-safe and it won’t yellow or crumble over time. Your thesis will be bound and maintained with the other SoMAS theses at the Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Information Center (MASIC).

2. Provide us with your new contact information:

  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Your next job/position

3. If you do not have a job or position lined up, just leave us with your contact information. PLEASE remember to let us know when you land a job, or when you change positions in the future. You are now among the SoMAS alumni and we want to keep track of your accomplishments.

4. Check with the Education Programs Office to make sure there is nothing else you need to do to be cleared for graduation.

5. Return your building, office and lab keys to get your deposits back. Students will not be cleared for their degree until all their keys have been returned.

6. Submit a change of address form to the Post Office.

7. PLEASE take the time to fill out our survey–your feedback is very important and will help us measure and improve our programs.

8. Good luck out there, and stay in touch!!

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