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MAR 104, Oceanography, 3 credits


Stony Brook Southampton

July 11 – 24, 2017 

Students will examine the World Ocean and the chemical, geological, and physical processes that control its major features and the life that inhabits it, as well as explore human interactions with the marine environment. This intensive course is specifically designed for motivated high school students wishing to earn college credit, but current undergraduates, graduates, or professionals can also enroll. The short-term course will run for 2 weeks and meet for 4-5 hours each weekday at the Stony Brook Southampton campus. Content will be delivered via lectures, in- class activities, and 2 boat trips in which students will explore nearby coastal habitats using oceanographic sampling equipment. Students must have completed high school biology and be at least 16 years old.

Section 01: Dr. Kurt Bretsch (class # 64769)

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High School Students: on your page, be sure to scroll down (below the water foundation photo) where you will find “Steps To Enroll”.  The process might take 3-5 days.

Enrollment begins March 27 for SBU Athletes, Seniors, and Graduate Students. All others can begin Enrolling on March 28th.

NEW FOR 2017! Scholarship for high school students from under-represented groups.  For application, click here.

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  • Estimated costs for 3 credit course are ~$1000 for in-state tuition, ~$3000 for out of state tuition, and optional ~ $800 for 13 days of room and board.
  • Summer tuition charges will post to your SOLAR account in mid-May.

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The textbook is required: Essentials of Oceanography, edition 7, by Tom Garrison, ISBN-10: 1285753860.  Students are encouraged to read the entire textbook prior to the first day of class.

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This course fulfills DEC E and SNW Stony Brook University educational diversity categories.

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