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Team of Researchers Find Evidence of Fire in Antarctic Ice
Concentrations of CO isotopes reveal surprising pattern of biomass burning in the Southern Hemisphere over the past 650 years.

First Multi-year Nearshore Survey of Antarctic Krill Reveals High Density, Stable Population in Shallow, Coastal Waters
Small boat acoustic sampling augments larger vessel surveys and could impact krill fishery management.

Book Provides First Comprehensive Synthesis of Trophic Cascades
Scientific evidence presented indicates top-down regulation by predators operates in most ecosystems.

Stony Brook University to Offer New Master of Arts Program in Marine Conservation and Policy Beginning in Fall 2010
Interdisciplinary program will prepare students for careers protecting the ocean and its inhabitants.

Proposed Wind Power Grid To Make Offshore Wind Power More Reliable
The energy needs of the entire human population could potentially be met by converting wind energy to electricity by means of wind turbines.

The Institute For Ocean Conservation Science Applauds IUCN’S Reclassifcation Of Beluga Sturgeon As “Critically Endangered”
The world’s largest global environmental network announces that more sturgeon species are critically endangered than any other comprehensively assessed group of species.

New Research Shows Fishery Management Practices for Beluga Sturgeon Must Change
A first-of-its-kind study of a Caspian Sea beluga sturgeon (Huso huso) fishery demonstrates current harvest rates are four to five times higher than those that would sustain population abundance.

Study of Shark Virgin Birth Shows Offspring Can Survive Long Term
Shark pups born to virgin mothers can survive over the long-term, according to new research published Jan. 25, 2010 in the Journal of Heredity. The study shows for the first time that some virgin births can result in viable offspring.

Scientists Trace Shark Fins Back to their Geographic Origin for the First Time using DNA Detective Work
These breakthrough findings provide strong evidence for enacting international trade protection for hammerhead sharks at the March 2010 CITES meeting in Qatar

Ocean Acidification May Contribute To Global Shellfish Decline
Stony Brook University researchers find elevated carbon dioxide concentrations impede growth and survival of bivalve larvae

Rip Currents Pose Greater Risk To Swimmers Than To Shoreline
Long term monitoring by Stony Brook University researchers finds rip currents are frequent but short-lived at East Hampton Village Beach

International Fisheries Task Force to Meet in Portland, ME, to Develop Smart Management Plans for Forage Fish, a Growing Target of Commercial Fishing Operations
“Lenfest Forage Fish Task Force” working to ensure that forage fish populations continue to flourish; excessive removal can imperil marine food web

Stony Brook University Announces Formal Partnerships With Atlantis Marine World And The Riverhead Foundation
SBU’s SoMAS joins ranks of major universities collaborating with regional aquariums and preservation foundations to advance marine research and education

Scientists Shed New Light On Behavior Of Shark “Tweens” And “Teenagers”
Study May Prove Useful in Conservation Efforts for Over-Fished Sharks

Researchers At Stony Brook University Show Warmer Environment Means Shorter Lives For Cold-Blooded Animals
Temperature explains much of the geographic variation in lifespan within species

Little-Known Marine Decomposers Attract The Attention Of Genome Sequencers
The Department of Energy’s Joint Genome Institute (JGI) announced today that they will sequence the genomes of four species of labyrinthulomycetes

Connecting Delta Cities: International Workshop Focuses on Strategies for Adapting and Mitigating Impacts of Climate Change on Coastal Cities at Stony Brook Manhattan
Policy makers and environmental, planning, and engineering experts from around the world convene to compare and assess the mitigation and adaptation policies of three major world coastal cities, each with a Dutch heritage: Rotterdam, Jakarta, and New York City

Lenfest Forage Fish Task Force Launched
Expert team of international scientists is devising solutions for sustainably managing these small prey fish; overexploitation and inadequate management is threatening the marine food web

Jack Macrae and Paula Cooper Donate Forge River Property in Support of SoMAS
The gift will be used to further understanding of the Forge River and other systems like it in the region and around the world

“Undesirable” Evolution Can be Reversed in Fish, Stony Brook University Scientists Show
In an intriguing 21st century example of Darwinism, researchers demonstrate that fish will again grow to larger sizes and produce more young when size-selective fishing is eased

Study: Foraging Behavior Of Key Antarctic Predators Unchanged After Storms That Alter Prey Distribution
Eating Habits Hard to Break for Penguins and Fur Seals

Scientists Confirm Second-Ever Case Of Virgin Birth By Shark
“Tidbit,” the blacktip shark, lived for eight years in a Virginia Aquarium tank where there had been no male blacktips

A third of the world’s marine fish catches are used for animal feed, squandering a precious food resource for humans, research finds
Comprehensive study in upcoming Annual Review of Environment and Resources urges that alternative foods for farmed animals be found.

The New York Marine Sciences Consortium Founded At Event Hosted By Stony Brook University
New York colleges, universities, and degree-granting institutions with interests in marine and coastal science research and education created a new platform for collaboration and advocacy

New Institute For Ocean Conservation Science At SBU To Tackle Pressing Threats To Marine Ecosystem
Institute to investigate and pursue solutions to some of the most complex issues facing waters in New York State, the nation, and the world

Timing is everything: How vulnerable to flooding is New York City?
SBU researchers show how advances in high-resolution modeling will help improve storm surge forecasts.

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