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  • Allam, Bassem 631-632-8745 DA155 Profile

    Pathobiology and Immunobiology of Marine Shellfish

    YesFaculty1Allam, Bassem

  • Aller, Josephine 631-632-8655 DA101 Profile

    Marine benthic ecology, invertebrate zoology,marine microbiology, biogeochemistry

    YesFaculty1Aller, Josephine

  • Aller, Robert 631-632-8746 CH101 Profile

    Marine biogeochemistry, marine animal-sediment relations.

    YesFaculty1Aller, Robert

  • Armstrong, Robert 631-632-3088 DA107A Profile

    Mathematical modeling in marine ecology and biogeochemistry

    YesFaculty1Armstrong, Robert

  • Beaupré, Steven 631-632-3748 CH123 Profile

    YesFaculty1Beaupré, Steven

  • Black, David 631-632-8676 DI157 Profile

    Paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, deep-sea sediments, marine micropaleontology

    YesFaculty1Black, David

  • Bokuniewicz, Henry 631-632-8674 EN211 Profile

    Near shore transport processes, coastal groundwater hydrology, coastal sedimentation, marine geophysics

    YesFaculty1Bokuniewicz, Henry

  • Bowman, Malcolm 631-632-8669 EN215 Profile

    Coastal ocean and estuarine dynamics

    YesFaculty1Bowman, Malcolm

  • Bretsch, Kurt 631-632-5156 NS123/CH143 Profile

    Marine and Environmental Science Education, Coastal Community Ecology

    YesFaculty1Bretsch, Kurt

  • Brownawell, Bruce 631-632-8658 DA127 Profile

    Biogeochemistry of organic pollutants in seawater and groundwater.

    YesFaculty1Brownawell, Bruce

  • Cerrato, Bob 631-632-8666 DA121A Profile

    Benthic ecology, population and community dynamics.

    YesFaculty1Cerrato, Bob

  • Chang, Edmund 631-632-6170 EN101 Profile

    Atmospheric dynamics and diagnoses, climate dynamics, synoptic meteorology

    YesFaculty1Chang, Edmund

  • Chapman, Demian 631-632-8731 CH161 Profile

    Molecular ecology, conservation, elasmobranch (sharks, batoids) biology, acoustic and satellite telemetry, marine reserve design, evolution of vertebrate mating systems and mate choice, wildlife forensics

    YesFaculty1Chapman, Demian

  • Cochran, Kirk 631-632-8733 CH157 Profile

    Marine geo-chemistry, use of radionuclides as geochemical tracers; diagenesis of marine sediments.

    YesFaculty1Cochran, Kirk

  • Colle, Brian 631-632-3174 EN125 Profile

    Synoptic meteorology, mesoscale numerical modeling and forecasting, coastal meteorology

    YesFaculty1Colle, Brian

  • Collier, Jackie 631-632-8696 DI145 Profile

    Phytoplankton physiological ecology; Biocomplexity and microbial diversity; Planktonic ecosystem processes in marine, estuarine, and freshwater systems

    YesFaculty1Collier, Jackie

  • Conover, David n/a DA123 Profile

    Ecology of fish, fisheries biology

    YesFaculty1Conover, David

  • Dheilly, Nolwenn DA Profile

    Evolution of Host-Parasite Interactions

    YesFaculty1Dheilly, Nolwenn

  • Dvarskas , Anthony 631-632-9674 EN167A Profile

    Environmental economics, ecosystem services and resilience of coastal ecosystems, economics of restoration, natural capital accounting

    YesFaculty1Dvarskas , Anthony

  • Farhadzadeh, Ali Profile

    Nearshore hydrodynamics, sediment transport, wave-current-sediment-structure interaction, resilient coastal protection systems, coastal flooding

    YesFaculty1Farhadzadeh, Ali

  • Fisher, Nicholas 631-632-8649 DA129 Profile

    Marine phytoplankton physiology and ecology, biogeo-chemistry of metals, marine pollution

    YesFaculty1Fisher, Nicholas

  • Flagg, Charles 631-632-3184 EN203 Profile

    Continental Shelf Dynamics, Bio-Physical Interactions in Shelf Systems, Climate Change Effects on Coastal Systems, Shipboard ADCPs on Volunteer Observing Ships

    YesFaculty1Flagg, Charles

  • Flood, Roger 631-632-6971 EN157 Profile

    Marine geology, sediment dynamics, continental margin sedimentation

    YesFaculty1Flood, Roger

  • French, Michael DI127 Profile

    supercell and tornado dynamics; Doppler weather radar applications; mesoscale meteorology

    YesFaculty1French, Michael

  • Frisk, Michael 631-632-3750 DA117 Profile

    Fish ecology, population modeling and life history theory

    YesFaculty1Frisk, Michael

  • Geller, Marvin 631-632-8686 EN109 Profile

    Atmosphere dynamics; stratosphere/mesosphere; climate

    YesFaculty1Geller, Marvin

  • Gobler, Christopher 631-632-5043 NS125/DI153 Profile

    Coastal ecosystem ecology, climate change, harmful algal blooms, phytoplankton, ocean acidification, effects of multiple stressors on coastal marine resources, aquatic biogeochemistry

    YesFaculty1Gobler, Christopher

  • Hameed, Sultan 631-632-8319 EN135 Profile

    Climate change: analysis, impacts, and predictability

    YesFaculty1Hameed, Sultan

  • Khairoutdinov, Marat 631-632-6339 EN121 Profile

    Climate modeling, high-resolution cloud modeling, cloud microphysics, super-parameterization, massively parallel super-computing, cloud parameterization

    YesFaculty1Khairoutdinov, Marat

  • Kim, Hyemi 631-632-8628 EN119 Profile

    low frequency climate variability, tropical meteorology, ocean-atmosphere interaction, prediction and predictability, tropical cyclone activity, extreme events

    YesFaculty1Kim, Hyemi

  • Knopf, Daniel 631-632-3092 DA151 Profile

    Atmospheric Chemistry, Microphysics and Chemistry of Atmospheric Aerosols, Heterogeneous Atmospheric Chemistry and Kinetics

    YesFaculty1Knopf, Daniel

  • Lee, Cindy 631-632-8741 CH109 Profile

    Ocean carbon cycle, marine geochemistry of organic compounds, organic and inorganic nitrogen-cycle biochemistry silicate and carbonate biomineralization

    YesFaculty1Lee, Cindy

  • Liu, Ping 631-632-3195 EN199 Profile

    Climate change, dynamics and modeling; Unix/Linux supervisor

    YesFaculty1Liu, Ping

  • Lonsdale, Darcy 631-632-8712 EN207 Profile

    Ecology and physiology of marine zooplankton; food web dynamics of estuarine plankton and the impacts of harmful algal blooms.

    YesFaculty1Lonsdale, Darcy

  • Lopez, Glenn 631-632-8660 DA111 Profile

    Marine benthic ecology, animal-sediment interactions

    YesFaculty1Lopez, Glenn

  • Lwiza, Kamazima 631-632-7309 EN169 Profile

    Structure and dynamics of shelf-seas and remote sensing oceanography

    YesFaculty1Lwiza, Kamazima

  • Mak, John 631-632-8673 DA115A Profile

    Stable and radioisotopes as tracers of chemistry, origin, and transport in marine and atmospheric environments

    YesFaculty1Mak, John

  • McElroy, Anne 631-632-8488 DA113 Profile

    Aquatic Toxicology

    YesFaculty1McElroy, Anne

  • Nye, Janet 631-632-3187 DA107 Profile

    Fish ecology, climate variability, global environmental change, ecosystem-based management

    YesFaculty1Nye, Janet

  • Peterson, Bradley 631-632-5044 NS121/DI153 Profile

    Community ecology of seagrass dominated ecosystems

    YesFaculty1Peterson, Bradley

  • Pikitch, Ellen 631-632-9599 DI169 Profile

    Ocean conservation, fisheries management, ecosystem-based approaches, endangered fishes, sharks, sturgeon

    YesFaculty1Pikitch, Ellen

  • Reed, Kevin 2-3794 DI117 Profile

    Climate Modeling; Tropical Cyclones; Climate Extremes; Atmospheric Dynamics

    YesFaculty1Reed, Kevin

  • Safina, Carl 631-632-3738 EN147 Profile

    Marine vertebrates, fisheries policy, and raising awareness of ocean change

    YesFaculty1Safina, Carl

  • Scranton, Mary 631-632-8735 CH115/ESS104 Profile

    Marine geochemistry, biological-chemical interactions in seawater

    YesFaculty1Scranton, Mary

  • Swanson, Larry 631-632-8704 DI121B Profile

    Coastal Oceanography, marine pollution, marine policy, recycling and reuse of waste materials, waste management

    YesFaculty1Swanson, Larry

  • Taylor, Gordon 631-632-8688 EN161 Profile

    Marine microbiology; interests in microbial ecology,plankton trophodynamics, and marine biofouling

    YesFaculty1Taylor, Gordon

  • Thorne, Lesley 631-632-5117 DA149 Profile

    Bio-physical and trophic interactions in marine ecology; application of spatial analysis and landscape ecology techniques to marine conservation

    YesFaculty1Thorne, Lesley

  • Volkenborn, Nils 631-632-6133 DA153 Profile

    Sediment biogeochemistry, animal-sediment interactions, benthic ecology

    YesFaculty1Volkenborn, Nils

  • Warren, Joseph 631-632-5045 NS101/CH143 Profile

    Acoustical oceanography, Zooplankton behavior and ecology

    YesFaculty1Warren, Joseph

  • Wehrmann, Laura 631-632-3769 CH145 Profile

    YesFaculty1Wehrmann, Laura

  • Wilson, Robert 631-632-8689 EN163 Profile

    Estuarine and coastal ocean dynamics

    YesFaculty1Wilson, Robert

  • Wolfe, Christopher 631-632-3152 EN167 Profile

    Physical oceanography, large-scale circulation: theory and modeling.

    YesFaculty1Wolfe, Christopher

  • Yu, Jie 2-9337 HeavyEngineering110 Profile

    theoretical fluid dynamics and applied mechanics, with emphases on wave mechanics, hydrodynamic instabilities, coastal hydrodynamics and seabed mechanics

    YesFaculty1Yu, Jie

  • Zhang, Minghua 631-632-8781 EN145 Profile

    Climate modelling, atmospheric dynamics

    YesFaculty1Zhang, Minghua

  • Zhu, Qingzhi 631-632-8747 DI105 Profile

    Chem-/Bio- Sensors, Marine Biogeochemistry, Trace Elements, Environmental Analytical Chemistry

    YesFaculty1Zhu, Qingzhi

Faculty  |   Adjunct Faculty  |   Adjunct Lecturer  |   Joint/Affiliated Faculty  |   Emeritus

Joint/Affiliated Faculty

  • Baines, Stephen n/a n/a

    Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolution

    NoJoint Faculty9Baines, Stephen

  • Levinton, Jeffrey 631-632-8602 LSB680

    Professor, Ecology and Evolution

    NoJoint Faculty9Levinton, Jeffrey

  • Lynch, Heather 631-632-9508 Life Sciences Bldg.,

    Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolution

    NoJoint Faculty9Lynch, Heather

  • Padilla, Dianna 631-632-7434 LifeSciences618 Profile

    Professor, Ecology and Evolution

    NoJoint Faculty9Padilla, Dianna

  • Reaven, Sheldon n/a n/a

    Associate Professor, Technology and Society

    NoJoint Faculty9Reaven, Sheldon

Faculty  |   Adjunct Faculty  |   Adjunct Lecturer  |   Joint/Affiliated Faculty  |   Emeritus


Faculty  |   Adjunct Faculty  |   Adjunct Lecturer  |   Joint/Affiliated Faculty  |   Emeritus

Adjunct Faculty

  • Ammerman, James 631-632-3737 CH151 Profile

    Aquatic microbial ecology and biogeochemistry with particular interests in microbial cell-surface enzymes, phosphorus cycling, and automated instrumentation for aquatic microbiology

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Ammerman, James

  • Baumann, Hannes Profile

    Evolutionary Fish Ecology

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Baumann, Hannes

  • Bluestein, Howard n/a n/a Profile

    The observation and physical understanding of weather phenomena on convective, mesoscale, and synoptic scales

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Bluestein, Howard

  • Cahill, Michael J. n/a n/a Profile

    Application and development of environmental law in local government

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Cahill, Michael J.

  • Engel, Anja n/a n/a Profile

    Organic matter cycling, Marine gel particles, Ocean acidification

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Engel, Anja

  • Fast, Mark n/a n/a Profile

    Aquatic diseases and Immunology

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Fast, Mark

  • Fowler, Scott n/a n/a

    Zooplankton ecology, biogeochemistry of metals, marine pollution, radioecology, ecotoxicology

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Fowler, Scott

  • Gianelli, Scott EN131 Profile

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Gianelli, Scott

  • Jordaan, Adrian Profile

    Historical ecology, ecosystems, fisheries, oceanography, global change

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Jordaan, Adrian

  • Kemp, Paul n/a n/a Profile

    Growth and activity of marine microbes in water column and sediment; benthic-pelagic interactions; molecular ecology of marine bacteria

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Kemp, Paul

  • Kollias, Pavlos n/a n/a Profile

    Cloud Microphysics and Dynamics, Environmental Remote Sensing, Radar Meteorology and Technology

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Kollias, Pavlos

  • Koppelman, Lee n/a n/a

    Leading Professor, Center for Regional Policy Studies

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Koppelman, Lee

  • Liu, Yangang n/a n/a Profile

    Physical, optical and chemical properties of atmospheric particles, including aerosols, clouds and precipitation

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Liu, Yangang

  • Munch, Stephan B n/a n/a Profile

    Evolutionary ecology of growth and life history traits, Evolution in harvested populations, Applied population dynamics modeling, Mathematical modeling and statistics

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Munch, Stephan B

  • Pales-Espinosa, Emmanuelle 631-632-8694 DA149A Profile

    Shellfish physiology, Particle selection mechanisms in suspension-feeding bivalves, Algology

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Pales-Espinosa, Emmanuelle

  • Price, Roy 631-632-3737 Profile

    Hydrothermal vents, water-rock reactions, toxic metal and metalloid cycling in coastal environments, arsenic bioaccumulation, vent-biota relationships, e.g., redox disequilibria and microbial ecology, and alkaline shallow-sea vents as early Earth analogs

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Price, Roy

  • Rapaglia, John   Profile

    The Use of Direct Measurements of Submarine Groundwater Discharge to Investigate the Coupling Between Surface and Pore Waters

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Rapaglia, John

  • Riemer, Nicole n/a n/a Profile

    The interaction of atmospheric transport processes with chemistry and microphysics, particularly for trace gases and aerosol particles in the troposphere

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Riemer, Nicole

  • Roethel, Frank 631-632-8732 DI131


    NoAdjunct Faculty9Roethel, Frank

  • Vogelmann, Andrew 631-344-4421 Profile

    Atmospheric radiative transfer, cloud and aerosol climate interactions, climate and the Earth’s energy balance, remote sensing, cloud and climate modeling

    NoAdjunct Faculty9Vogelmann, Andrew

Faculty  |   Adjunct Faculty  |   Adjunct Lecturer  |   Joint/Affiliated Faculty  |   Emeritus

Adjunct Lecturers


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