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ADCPThere are many opportunities for undergraduates at SoMAS. We offer 4 degree programs and 2 minors. Over 600 undergraduates are now enrolled in SoMAS degree programs. Courses are offered both at the Stony Brook and Southampton campuses, with housing available to students on the Stony Brook campus.

Stony Brook University offers the advantages of a major university excellence in education and an active research environment combined with the close connections of a small college. SBU is not only a top-rated school, but it has one of the lowest tuitions in the country.

Stony Brook University has been recognized by the National Science Foundation as one of the ten major universities for excellence in undergraduate research and is one of its RAIRE award recipients. Many of our undergraduates actively participate in SoMAS research projects, learning about the research process while making important contributions.

Undergraduates can also explore various career paths and gain real-life experience by participating in internships. SoMAS students have interned at organizations such as the National Weather service and the Atlantis Aquarium Students can be awarded academic credit for internship experiences, which sometimes provide a stipend.

SoMAS undergraduate students either go onto to graduate school in many fields, including marine and atmospheric sciences, onto exciting careers in many fields including teaching, law, environmental assessment, environmental protection, or businesses related to environmental issues.



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