Welcome to the Collier lab website!

Our research is focused on the relationships between microbial diversity, microbial physiology, and ecosystem structure and function. Visit the 'Projects' section to learn more about our efforts to better understand:

>>The diversity and physiology of the labyrinthulomycetes, a little-known group of marine protists that appear to play important roles in the decomposition of particulate organic matter

>>Interactions between the nitrogen nutrition of phytoplankton and the occurence of harmful algal blooms, such as the 'brown tides' caused by the pelagophyte Aureococcus anophagefferens that have plagued embayments around Long Island for two decades

>>Covariation in the biodiversity and community structure of eukaryotic and prokaryotic plankton in Long Island's Great South Bay

Visit the 'People' section to learn who's doing what, the 'What's up' section to find recent (and upcoming) publications, presentations, and news items, and the 'Teaching' section to find out what formal and informal educational activities we're involved in.

obligatory sunset over the fantail photo

The obligatory gorgeous-sunset-over-the-fantail photo (credit to Kris Baker).