Greg Marshall with his crittercam

Greg Marshall with his crittercam

Greg Marshall is the Executive Director and Producer of Remote Imaging at National Geographic Television and Film.  In 1991, Greg began working with National Geographic Television and established the Special Projects Unit, where he developed the technology known as the Crittercam.  The Crittercam is a revolutionary tool that has been used to study the behavior of almost 40 different marine and terrestrial species in their natural habitat.

He has received two Emmy Awards for the National Geographic specials Great White Sharks and Sea Monsters:  Search for the Giant Squid.  Greg also produced the film Tiger Shark and a 13-part series called Crittercam for National Geographic television.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Georgetown University.  Greg earned his master’s degree (1988) in marine environmental sciences from the Marine Sciences Research Center at Stony Brook University.  His research focused on the factors influencing the burying behavior of juvenile queen conch, Strombus gigas.

Greg Marshall returned to SoMAS in 2017 to help us celebrate our 50th Anniversary as the Akira Okubo Distinguished Scholar.


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