Barries-Creek-egret“The interdisciplinary emphasis of the marine science program at Stony Brook has been one of its great strengths and prepared me well for my current position as an associate professor of environmental science at Rutgers University. In my research, I have recently been occupied tracking down mercury in some of our urban coastal waters, which as this photo of the New Jersey Meadowlands attests, should not be thought of as beyond repair. I am often struck by the importance of the experiences I had at MSRC that were not directly related to my graduate research.

Through these experiences, I learned something about benthic ecology, organic geochemistry, and how to host a “distinguished visiting scholar,” all of which has been extremely useful as a teacher and a professional scientist. I have great memories of the positive work and social environment among the students and faculty at MSRC, which recent visits back to Long Island tell me still exists.”

John Reinfelder, Ph.D. 1993
Associate Professor
Dept of Environmental Sciences
Rutgers University

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