Jerry Schubel Leaves MSRC

An era passed at Stony Brook on November 1994 when Jerry Schubel left the University to become the president of the New England Aquarium in Boston. Jerry spent 20 years as Director, eventually Dean/Director, of the Marine Sciences Research Center. Under dynamic and inspired leadership, the Center grew continually in size and stature, as did the breadth and quality of its research and education programs. Jerry’s strong commitment to putting science to work for society positioned the Center as one of the world’s leading institutions dedicated to problem-solving in coastal environments. A special and rare individual, Jerry has left an indelible mark on MSRC and, equally, on the entire University.

Kirk Cochran is serving as Dean/Director of the Center through August 1996, by which time it is expected that the formal search for a new Dean/Director will be completed.

Other Departures

Two long-time MSRC faculty have recently retired. Peter Weyl was the Center’s first faculty member, receiving a joint appointment to MSRC and the Department of Earth and Space Science in 1966. Trained as a physicist, during his long career Peter made major advances in our understanding of the ocean’s role in clirnatic change, the deep circulation of the ocean, and in paleoceanography. In more recent years his interests gravitated to coastal zone management and related issues, particularly the development of CZM information systems. Peter played an important role in designing the original Marine Environrnental Studies Program (MESP) at the Center and was active as a teacher throughout his tenure at Stony Brook.

In September, 1970, Charlie Wurster joined the Center’s faculty. For the prior three years he had been on the faculty of the Department of Biological Sciences. While at Stony Brook, Charlie gained an international reputation for his research on the effects of organic pesticides on non-target organisms, especially marine plankton. He was a founding trustee of the Environmental Defense Fund and the principal technical architect of that organization’s successful fight against the use of DDT. He directed the fledgling MESP prograrn at the Center and was a constant advocate to students of the importance of science in a policy and legislative context.

Peter and Charlie were fixtures at MSRC; both helped make the Center what is has come to be.

A New Ship for MSRC

R/V ONRUST has been a familiar sight the waters of Long IslandSound, NY-NJ Harbor, and the waters of the New York Bight for the past twenty years. Over the past 5 years, however, the Center’s at-sea fieldwork has seriously stretched the envelope of the vessel’s capabilities. A decision has been reached to replace the ONRUST with a slightly larger vessel more capable of meeting the needs of the Center over the years. Preliminary discussions have taken place between the Center’s Ships Committee and an experienced naval architect on the size, design, and capabilities of the new boat. Estimated overall cost, fully equipped, is $2-3 million. Immediate difficulties with the state budget cloud the timetable for the ship replacement project, but she should be on the water working by the vear 2000.

MSRC Alumnus Receives Prestigious National Award

MSRC alumnus Xiao-hai Yan (Ph.D., 1989 was selected as a 1994 Presidential Faculty Fellow. Xiao-hai is an associate professor of applied science at the University of Delaware’s College of Marine Studies. The award provides a grant from NSF of $100,000 annually for five vears.

Alumni Mailing List

We are in the process of updating entries mailing list, preparatory to reissuing the alumni directory in about six months. Information on current business or home addresses & related information can be sent to Bill Wlse, MSRC Alumni Association, at the Center.

1995 Alumni Picnic July 15th

The 1994 Alumni Association picnic was combined with the Annual Flax to VAX race and turned out tc be a fun time for all. The day began with the faculty beating the students in the 4.5 km race. The first alumnus to cross the finish line was Frank Roethel. Kim McKown was the onlv other alumnus to race. This year, members of the Alumni Association are invited to join in the Flax to Vax race (29 April) but the Annual Alumni Picnic will be held on Saturday, July 15. As in the past the picnic will begin at 12:30 PM with food, drinks volleyball and all sorts of other picnic amenities. Admission to this year’s picnic is free when you pay your $15 Alumni Association dues. The cost for a guest is $7.50 and children are free.

MSRC Alumni Faculty/Staff Award Winner

This year’s MSRC Alumni Association Faculty/Staff Award has been awarded to Lori Palmer. Lori has been with the Center since October, 1990 as head of the Graphic Arts Department.

The award, which includes a certificate of appreciation and a $75 check, is given to one MSRC faculty or staff member each year in recognition of that individual’s contribution to student life at MSRC. Last year’s winner was Mark Wiggins, Specialist at MSRC.

Current MSRC students nominate faculty and staff to receive the award. The final selection is made by the Alumni Association officers. Support for the award comes from annual MSRC Association dues.

Recent Alumni News

Congratulations are in order for Max Strieb (1992) former Vice President of the Alumni Association and Marci Bortman, currently a Ph.D. candidate who are planning their wedding for June 1995. Both Max and Marci are currently residing in the US Virgin Island where Max is teaching and Marci is conducting research.

MSRC Alumni
1994 Financial
Starting Balance $327.34
Dues $350.00
Faculty Staff Award $75.00
Picnic Supplies $156.73
Overhead to SB Foundation $35.00
Total Expenses $266.73
Final Balance a/o 12/31/94 $410.61

1995 Alumni Officers
Frank Roethel 1981 President
Ian Stupakoff 1993 Vice President
Kathy McShane 1991 Treasurer
Bill Wise 1975 Secretary


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