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Changes are occurring daily as the more visual aspects of the job are being done now that much of the underlying structure is complete.  The starboard side bulwarks from the stern to the cabin were completely removed.  The new bulwarks and outside wall of the new dry lab are already in place.  A very robust design for the new rail has molded stantions every 40″.  The design allows for a clean enclosed surface with no hidden areas that would chronically be rusting later on.  All the new steel being installed is sandblasted off site and then primed with a zinc rich coating (thus the green color).

After the steel is fitted, finish welding is done, much with a MIG welder which allows for speed and even, continuous beads.  The result is a quality finish, as in this view of the removable stern bulwarks.

The lab framing is now going up and within the next couple of weeks the entire shelter deck area should be enclosed.  Had my camera batteries not run out, I would have posted the images of the dry lab wall in place. Here is the initial framing:

The framing (heavy 4″ x 4″ x 1/2″ steel) will not only frame in the lab space but also support the winches to be mounted above.

The interior work progresses as well.  The bath area is nearly complete with a new shower door installed and mahogany woodwork refinished. My work will now shift to the engine room.  The new generator arrived from Boston but unfortunately the distributor sent the 4 cyl. version of the the 65kW generator instead of the 6 cyl. model specified. This would be analogous to pulling a large trailer with a compact pickup truck.  The correct model is now on it’s way.

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