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The Bagatell’s appearance has changed quite a bit now that the entire deck bulwarks have been replaced.  The 3/8″ plating on 3/8″ stancions have been capped with 1/2″ x 5″ flatbar to make for substantial rails on the workdeck. The fabricators have done an excellent job in tying in the new plating into the existing hull creating a smooth sheer and fair lines, especially where the new lab bulkheads meet with existing plate.  All of the shelterdeck steel has been blasted, primed and delivered on site.  The roof frames of the lab shelter have been rolled to take on the camber of the deck and will be installed this week.

Side Gantry Opening

The port and starboard walls of the lab space are in place.  The side gantry opening is complete.  Temporary stairs were lowered into the hold to confirm proper pitch and headroom, and a coaming installed around the opening.  Framing of the hold bulkhead, aft and interior lab walls is now underway.

Meanwhile in the engine room  I have been overhauling the seawater/bilge system.  Then seawater piping is all being replaced with new schedule 80 piping with socket welded fittings and flange assemblage for easy maintenance and replacement.  One hydraulically driven pump has been rebuilt and the overboard discharge valved replaced with new.  The redundant system uses 3 high volume pumps: one hydraulic driven seawater, one hydraulic driven bilge, and one electric seawater/bilge pump.

The only setback to report is that we were just informed by the generator manufacturer that the model we requested is no longer in production. We are reluctant to go with the lighter weight alternative and are currently exploring alternatives.

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