The Bagatell’s transformation continues at a great pace.  The wet and dry lab spaces are now framed in, as is the entrance to hold.  The substantial framing to support the winches on the labs’ roof has been installed as specified.  The yard is in the process of laying on the roof, then installing inserts of 3/4″ steel for the winch bases.  We are quite pleased by the ample amount of space the design has allowed for the lab areas.  The moonpool has been lowered through the deck into temporary position prior to the  insertion of the final roof frames, so as to prevent having to cut into the framing which had been rolled and fitted for a cambered surface.  A temporary stairway has been fitted into the hold so we could check the pitch and headroom clearance.  Our intent is to insure a stairway pitch  which will safe for those inexperienced at sea.

The wheelhouse has begun it’s facelift, with the previous coatings removed to reveal a heavy zinc rich coating.  Framing for the wheelhouse extention is now beginning.  This area will give the operator a winch control station and side steering station in the wheelhouse with an much improved view of the work deck.

We have successfully located a Northern Lights 85kW generator that will be on site next week.  Three 325 gal sewer tanks and discharge pump have arrived for installation.

View from stern with removable stern bulwarks removed.

View aft from wet lab with moonpool in temporary position. Watertight double doors to the outer deck will be installed in this opening.

Side view showing side gantry opening, lab bulkheads.

Overhead view of dry lab (left), wet lab (right) and hold entrance, with longitudinal winch supports installed in roof framing.

Start of the Wheelhouse facelift.

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