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The Bagatell has finally shed her old exterior.  Unseasonably fair weather last week allowed the shipyard to completely sandblast the exterior of the vessel above the waterline, as well as the lazarette and shaft alley in the fish hold.  Aside from some steel in the rudder post which needs repair, the hull cleaned up remarkably well and should look great when topcoated.  One layer of zinc rich primer has been followed by two layers of high build epoxy undercoat, and a urethane finish will go one as topcoat.

The new door and window frames are now being installed.  The forepeak emergency exit hatch is in, as is the wheelhouse door, and sound insulated engineroom door. Deck scuppers are now cut in after discussions with the designer regarding  clearing capacities.  The bulkhead between the fish hold and the engineroom is being cut open and the old generator will be  pulled out, and the new one dropped in.

Starboard side, dry lab

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