Progress continues on all fronts.  The entire topside has been sandblasted, and given 3 coats of primer.  The wheelhouse and mast have received the white topcoat to allow installation of doors and windows for closure against the elements.  In the meantime, the 30kW generator has been removed and refurbished back at MSRC, while the new 85kW was placed in the engine room. The new exhaust line and muffler are in place. Also in place is the new boiler, sewer tanks, and discharge pump.  All new watertight aluminum doors have been installed with double doors serving both lab areas.  The hull paint (navy blue) has arrived.  Plumbing for seawater lines, drains, sewer and grey water, etc. is going in place. The system will allow us to have zero discharge overboard when required.  The hydraulics specialists have come in and laid all stainless steel lines to serve the 2 main winches, small oceanographic winch and the 4 winches which will control the vanged boom.  Offsite the 27 foot boom is being modified to accept the vang configuration.  The main winch beds are on site awaiting alignment.  Provisions have been completed to add a forward anchor winch which will hold 900 ft. of cable and be fully operable from inside the wheelhouse.  The wheelhouse extension which will serve as a steering and winch control station is being finished off inside by the ships carpenter.


Port side w/steering/winch station

Hydraulic piping in dry lab

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