Cold weather has been making painting slower to accomplish, but every break in the weather sees more of the finish coats being applied.  Much of the work has shifted to the interior of the vessel where many of the systems are being tied in and completed.  Most if not all of the piping has been completed in a  very satisfactory manor.  Retrofitting new piping into an existing vessel can be daunting but is was done with clean runs without losing clearances and critical spaces.  The new boiler is installed, and tied into the existing system and fuel lines.  Because the heating system is also tied into the main engine cooling system, not only will the main engine heat the vessel when it is underway, but the engine will act as a 8,000 lb radiator to keep the engineroom warm and dry when docked in the winter.  The engineroom bulkhead is back in place which will allow the hydraulics installation to be completed.  Both labs are topcoated in white making for bright clean workspaces.  A 4″ cabling raceway is in place allowing easy passage of cables from the moonpool to the labs.  In addition another 2″ line will allow for further routing of cables, including networking and navigational feeds from the wheelhouse to the labs.  Heaters are in place in the labs, as well as ventilation ducts to allow for a continuous air change.  Most of the carpentry in the wheelhouse additions is complete, with mahogany trim to match the existing vessel.  We are going to carry out additional work to install a new wheelhouse ceiling and repair any damaged formica or trim in the galley.  All flooring and decking materials are on hand and ready to be installed near the job’s completion.  The railings are being installed today but will be removed and sent to Boston to be hot dipped galvanized, along with several other items while the boat is hauled out.  The final haulout will come after the shipyard’s Christmas holiday, and seatrials are expected in one month.

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