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One begins to really appreciate the scope of this project when looking at all that has been accomplished and just how fine a boat this is turning into.  Despite winter acting like winter for a change, substantial progress  continues.  Externally, the heavy railing on the upper deck is complete.  Unfortunately, this all now must be cut off and sent out to be galvanized.  The heavily built gallus frames are complete and ready for installation.  These are the towing posts for trawling and serve as a base for the A frame.  The lab spaces are now complete, with all wiring and lighting installed.  The hold area is also complete with all plumbing, wiring, and lighting installed.  The main electrical panels are installed, and the new generator is tied into the panel, as is the new shore power connection.  Most 32v systems (lighting, water pumps) have been converted to AC power and are up and running.  The woodworking in the pilothouse extension is complete, with all new mahogany trim.

With the electrical system near completion, the next step will be the completion of the 6 ton A frame, and the installation of the moonpool.  Revisions to the moonpool mounting system have been made and the components will now be fabricated by a local machine shop.  The vessel haulout is being held off until all these items are ready for installation.  The concept for the moonpool has been to have a universal mount which can be adapted to a wide variety of instruments including the multibeam sonar head.

The wheelhouse electronics have all arrived including a 2kW 28KHz transducer which gets mounted at haulout. This will give us bottom detection capabilites offshore to 7200 ft as well as being effective for fisheries work.

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