itn040928Monday, October 4, the Marine Sciences Research Center (MSRC), in conjunction with Sea Grant programs in NY and CT and the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Lobster Steering committee, will host the 4th Annual Long Island Sound (LIS) Lobster Health Symposium. The Symposium will be held at Stony Brook

University’s Student Activities Center. The Symposium became an annual event after the unprecedented lobster mortalities in LIS in the fall of 1999. In response to the die-off, over $3.5 million from the federal government and the State of Connecticut supported 17 research grants to investigate possible causes. Research results from the past three years will be presented in this day-long forum.

Several MSRC professors have been involved in this initiative Glenn Lopez and Robert Cerrato investigated metabolic stress in lobsters. Anne McElroy and Bruce Brownawell examined pesticide effects on lobster health, and Robert Wilson and R. Lawrence Swanson looked at lobster mortality from and water conditions. Recently, Wilson, Swanson, and Brownawell used a hydrodynamic model of LIS to determine if pesticide concentrations were sufficiently high in the region of the die off to effect lobster health. “Basically:· Swanson explained”, we are looking at where, when and in what concentrations the pesticides may have been transported throughout the Sound. Alistair Dove, who is part of the Marine Disease Pathology and Research Consortium housed at MSRC, will summarize research looking at lobster physiological responses to stress. Dove outlined his talk as a “synthesis presentation representing 6 different research projects. Dove noted that at the beginning of these projects. Scientists lacked necessary tools to look at lobsters’ responses to disease and other stresses. His presentation will highlight tools developed to answer these questions. Registration for the conference is available online at: www.seagrant.sunysb.edut/LILobsters or by phone at 631-727-3910. There is no registration fee, however, attendance is limited to 200.

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