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Research Activity

  • Seepage and Nitrogen Inputs to Manhasset, Huntington and Great South Bays in collaboration with the USGS (Woods Hole) (Ruth Coffey, Ph.D. student)
  • Non-point sources of perchlorate on Long Island (J. Munster, Ph.D. student)
  • Groundwater links between land use and surface waters (R. Coffey, Ph.D. student)
  • Groundwater coastline typology (T. Pick, Ph.D. student)
  • Lawn nitrogen inputs and denitrification in Long Island’s aquifer (Caitlin Young, Ph.D. student)
  • Origin of Calverton Ponds (Tao Zhangst, MS student)
  • Defining and describing the Brookhaven Landfill Plume (Paul Barusich, MS student)
  • Defining and describing a plume of PCE, TCE etc. in Glenwood Landing (Anthony Caniano, MS Student)
  • Aquifer stratigraphy in Port Jefferson and Port Jefferson Station (Patrick Criscuola, MS Student)
  • Effects of acid rain on pH of soil with depth in the Dwarf Pine Plains (Pushpa Jha, MS student)
  • Groundwater Hydraulics in the Peconics (Jonathan Wanless, MS Student)
  • Hydrologic studies of the Forge River watershed (3 MSRC students)


Twenty-six publications, reports, and presentations at professional meetings

Beck, A. J., J. P. Rapaglia, J. K. Cochran, H. J. Bokuniewicz and S. Yang, 2008. Submarine groundwater discharge in Great South Bay, NY established using Ra isotopes. Marine Chemistry.  109: 279-291.

Bokuniewicz, H.J., M. Taniguchi, T., Ishitoibi, M. Charette, M. Allen and E.A. Kontar.  2008.  Direct Measurements of Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) over a fractured rock aquifer in Flamengo Bay Brazil.  Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science:  76:  466-472.

Bratton, J.F., J. Crusius, K. Kroeger, R. Coffey, H.Bokuniewicz, A. Green, S. Baldwin, L. Erban, and M. Casso. 2008. Contrasting conditions of coastal groundwater discharge in two Long Island estuaries. Geological Society of America, Annual Meeting, Houston, TX 5-9 October.

Coffey, R, BL Mayers, H Bokuniewicz and L Nurse. 2008. Submarine groundwater discharge in Barbados.  Submitted.

J. Crusius, K.D. Kroeger, P. Zhang, S.Zhao, J. F. Bratton, H. Bokuniewicz, R. Coffey, A. Green, S. Baldwin, L. Erban, and M. Casso. 2008. Significant Groundwater Discharge of Nutrients to Western Long Island Sound Inferred From Radioisotope, Nutrient and Organic Geochemical Tracers. American Geophysical Union GU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 145-19 December.

Garcia-Solsona, E.,  P. Masqué, J. Garcia-Orellana, J. Rapaglia, A. J. Beck, J. K. Cochran, H. J. Bokuniewicz, L. Zaggia, F. Collavini. 2008. Estimating submarine groundwater discharge around Isola La Cura, northern Venice Lagoon (Italy), by using the radium quartet.  Marine Chemistry.  109:  292-306.

Meliker, JR, AvRuskin, GA, Slotnick, MJ, Goovaerts, P, Schottenfeld, D, Jacques, GM, Nriagu, JO.  2008.  Validity of spatial models of arsenic concentrations in private well water.  Environmental Research.  106:  42-50.

Munster, J., G. N. Hanson and W. A. Jackson. 2008.  Nonpoint Sources of Perchlorate Contamination to Ground Water. NGWA Conference on Eastern Regional Ground Water Issues, Ronkonkoma, NY on June 23-24.

Munster, J., Hanson, G., Liu, Q., Bokuniewicz, H.  2008.  Major ion chemistry and mixing proportions of nitrate sources in groundwater.  Journal of Contaminant Hydrology.  In press.

Munster. J. E., 2008. Nonpoint sources of nitrate and perchlorate in urban land use to groundwater, Suffolk County, NY.  Ph.D. Dissertation, Stony Brook University. 124pp.

Munster, J., G. N. Hanson, W. A. Jackson and S. Rajagopalan. 2008. The Fallout from Fireworks: Perchlorate in Total Deposition.  Water Air Soil Pollution. 5pp. DOI 10.1007/s11270-008-9833-6

Munster, J.E., Hanson, G., W.A. Jackson 2008.  Perchlorate in Bulk Precipitation and Turfgrass Systems, Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.  The 15th Conference on Geology of Long Island and Metropolitan New York.

Rapaglia, J.P. and H. J. Bokuniewicz, 2008. The effect of groundwater advection on salinity in pore waters of permeable sediments. Limnology and Oceanography.  In press.

Stieglitz T., J. Rapaglia, H. Bokuniewicz.  2008.  Estimation of submarine groundwater discharge from bulk ground electrical conductivity measurements.  Journal of Geophysical Research 113, C08007, doi:  10.  1029/2007JC004499.

Tovar-Sanchez, A, AJ Beck, R Coffey, B Basterretxea, R Vaquer, E Garcia, J Garcia-Orellana, LL Martinez, CM Duarte, S Agusti, P Masque, HJ Bokuniewicz, S Sañudo-Wilhelmy. 2007. A Preliminary Survey of the Input of Contaminants via Groundwater Discharge into the Coastal Environment of Mallorca Island. Ecosystems. In press.

Yang, S. 2007.  Quantification of the tidal exchange of radium as an indicator of submarine groundwater inputs to Great South Bay.  M.S. Thesis Stony Brook University: 39pp.

Young, C. and G. N. Hanson, 2008.Evaluating the Extent of Denitrification in Suffolk County Ground Water.  NGWA Conference on Eastern Regional Ground Water Issues, Ronkonkoma, NY. June 23-24.

Zhou, L., G. N. Hanson 2008.  Annual Precipitation Pattern over Long Island based on Radar Data.  The 15th Conference on Geology of Long Island and Metropolitan New York.

Zhou L..2008 Annual Precipitation Pattern over Long Island Based on Rader Data NGWA Conference on Eastern Regional Ground Water Issues, Ronkonkoma, NY on June 23-24.

Zhou, L. 2008.Annual precipitation pattern over Long Island based on Radar Data M.S. Thesis, Stony Brook University, 64 pp.

Three unpublished reports on the Forge River:  The Forge River, problem identification; What history reveals about Forge River pollution; Aspects of the physical oceanography of the Forge River.

Three unpublished field reports at the shoreline of Manhasset Bay, Northport Harbor and Patchogue.

Professional Services

  • The Advisory Council met 9 times.  Minutes from all meetings are available.
  • We co-sponsored the 13th Annual Pine Barrens Research Forum in October (October 2-3, 2008).  The focus was on “Current Challenges and Future Solutions”.
  • February 27, 2008 symposium at Stony Brook University “Achieving sustainable access to clean water in Tanzania:  Impact on human health”
  • Advanced Tools for In-situ Remediation Workshop on July 29, 2008 at Stony Brook University, Marine Sciences Research Center.
  • Public lecture at Stony Brook on September 26, 2008 titled Salt-Water Intrusion and Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Long Island.

Institute faculty served on the following technical and advisory committees

  • Pine Barrens Technical Advisory Committee
  • Board of the Foundation for Ecological Research in the Northeast
  • Committee for Open-Space Acquisitions, Town of Brookhaven
  • Committee for Coastal Groundwater of the International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Oceans
  • Education Committee for the Long Island Water Conference
  • Scholarship Committee, New York Section, American Water Works Association
  • Science Board for Jamaica Bay, National Park Service
  • Technical Advisory Committee for the Suffolk County Comprehensive Water Resources Management Plan
  • Scientific Advisory Group to the New York Ocean and Great Lakes Ecosystem Conservation Council
  • EPA STAR proposal panel for the effects of climate change on water resources

Education and Outreach

  • The August Guerrera Award and a cash prize of $1,000 are presented each year to a graduate student to encourage the study of groundwater hydrology and chemistry on Long Island.  The recipient in 2008 was Shelly Lipka.  She is a student in civil and environmental engineering at Polytechnic University.
  • On-line, graduate course in Long Island Groundwater was offered through the University’s School of Professional Development.  Eighteen students, mostly teachers, completed the course.  This brings the total number of students for this course to 65.
  • Educational sessions at Abbey Lane School (Levittown), Candlewood Middle School, Half Hollow Hills Community Library and Burr Intermediate School in Commack.
  • Public Lecture:  Global Warming (Big Picture) Science Club of Long Island, Oleg Dei (President), Sachem Library, March 26, 2008
  • Public Lecture:  Contaminants Emerging in Our Water:  Don’t We Have Enough to Worry About? Cornell Program on Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors at Stony Brook, November 3, 2008
  • “Environmental Fair” Melville Library on November 10, 2008 with the educational models and literature on li groundwater
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