jae.lee.photoJae Lee received both her PhD and MS from SoMAS, graduating in 2008. For her master’s thesis, Jae looked at radiative transfer modeling with Professor Bob Cess to estimate the earth’s radiation balance. Her PhD conducted under the direction of  Professor Sultan Hameed focused on how the sun can influence Earth’s climate.

Jae recalls “Stony Brook offered her a very good education. I learned everything I should know for my job at Stony Brook.”

Jae is currently a research scientist at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, working at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. She is working on satellite mission for solar irradiance measurements and analyzing satellite data to determine solar variability and its impact on Earth’s climate.  She is also “interested in arctic environment changes related with recent Greenland Ice Sheet losses.”

Jae’s advice to SoMAS students is to “Work and work, enjoy, be yourself; opportunities will come.”

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