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Amandeep Parhar, winner of the first annual Evan R. Liblit Undergraduate Scholarship

Amandeep Parhar, winner of the first annual
Evan R. Liblit Undergraduate Scholarship

Stony Brook University Senior Amandeep Parhar received the first annual Evan R. Liblit Undergraduate Scholarship, which honors an outstanding undergraduate student who demonstrates a commitment to helping solve environmental problems. Amandeep is majoring in Economics and minoring in Environmental Studies.

Amandeep’s interest in aquatic issues was awakened when he took several courses with SoMAS Professor Larry Swanson. “I think its important to know what’s going on what’s going on on Long Island when it comes to water,” says Amandeep. “Since we get our drinking water from ground water, people need to pay attention to how we manage waste and how that affects water conditions.”

Amandeep is very active in the SBU Environmental Club, which was instrumental in getting the university to switch to biodegradable plastics in the dining halls and banning water bottles from university events. “Through events like ‘Do it in the Dark,’ which encourage students to conserve energy, the club works to let students know what they can do to make a difference,” explains Amandeep.

Amandeep hopes to work for a consulting or engineering firm after graduation and perhaps later attend graduate school to study waste management.

During his time at Stony Brook University, Amandeep has been able to explore his interests in climate change, waste management, and renewable technologies. “At Stony Brook, I saw how many people share the same frame of mind as me, who want to work for change,” says Amaneep. “It’s a good place to be!”

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