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Long Island NY 1994 Synopsis – Executive Summary of the Great South Bay

Environmental Scoping Document – Atlantic Coast Long Island Storm Damage Report 1997


Additional Resources

NYC Crisis Map for Hurricane Sandy
Gas Station location and information, power information, etc.

NOAA Hurricane Sandy Response Imagery Viewer

National Parks Service: Post-Hurricane Sandy: What’s Happening on Fire Island

USGS Flood Information and Hurricane Sandy Storm Tide Mapper

FEMA Hurricane Sandy Advisory Base Flood Elevations (ABFEs) in New Jersey and New York

NOAA Fisheries Report on Damages to New York & New Jersey Commercial and Recreational Fisheries from Super Storm Sandy.

The National Marine Fisheries Service has released a report estimating the economic losses to the marine commercial and recreational fisheries sectors in New York and New Jersey from Super Storm Sandy. The findings of the report, along with surveys conducted by both states and New York Sea Grant, will inform the plans developed by the two States to provide disaster relief funding to the fisheries sector. Go here for the NMFS report.

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