In late July 2013, the RV Seawolf escorted Chris Morelli & Tad Eaton from “Storage Wars: New York” in Port Jefferson Harbor to conduct an experiment with a water sampler they found in a storage locker.  Instrument Engineer Tom Wilson helped them test the instrument, while Chris Harter captained the R/V Seawolf.  David Bowman captained the R/V Pritchard, which served as a “chase boat” to film the R/V Seawolf.

The Storage Wars New York episode “It Takes a Queens Village” aired Friday, November 8th, 2013 at 10PM on A&E TV.

The clip featuring the the R/V Seawolf segment are viewable below:

A gallery of behind the scenes photos of the filming of Storage Wars New York on the R/V Seawolf is available on Google Photos.

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