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On Stony Brook Hospital’s rooftop farm last summer, senior Amy Stofenberg grew radishes. Using compost made on campus, the Ecosystems and Human Impact major performed a research experiment to test the efficacy of the Stony Brook compost versus commercial compost. She planted half of her crop in each mixture. “The radishes didn’t grow very well in the Stony Brook compost,” admits Amy, who received a Sustainability Studies Summer Undergraduate Research Award to fund her study. “Now I’m sending my soil samples up to Cornell’s Nutrient Analysis Lab in Ithaca to find out what the problem was.”   She reported her findings to a panel of faculty in Sustainability, the Faculty Student Association, and directors of the Farm.

She said it was among the most rewarding research she has engaged in to date.  Upon graduation she will begin an internship in a national park through the Student Conservation Association, where she can explore her interest in outdoor education. That internship will take her through the summer. After that, she’s not sure what her direction will be. All she knows is that it will involve being outdoors and have something to do with growing plants. Click here to see the full interview with Amy.

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