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The SoMAS photo competition is intended to be an annual event where students (graduate and undergraduate), faculty and staff will get to share their pictures with the SoMAS community and the general public. There are three winning photos, one for each category of the contest.

The results from our external professional judges are in! Here are the winners and finalist for each category:

1- Macro: It’s all about the detail! Photos taken with the macro option-objective of the camera as well as microscope pictures will be accepted in this category.

Macro Winner: Chris Paparo


Finalist: Kimberly Pierce, Theresa King, Konstantine Rountos, Kimberly Pierce

Macro Submissions

2- Research: Pictures taken in the field or in the laboratory will be considered in this category. For a picture to be eligible the research related to it had to take place while being a SoMAS’ member (enrolled in the school or employed as staff).

Research Winner: Chris Martinez


Finalist: Kevin Ryan, Konstantine Rountos, Chris Paparo and Kimberly Pierce

Research Submissions

3- SoMAS spirit: Freestyle photos. Anything that embodies the spirit of SoMAS will be eligible under this category. It can include photos of SoMAS events, SoMAS personnel, campus/equipment…your choice!

Spirit Winner: Mark Bond


Finalist: Natasha Gownaris, Thomas Theophilidis, Konstantine Rountos, Thomas Theophilidis

Spirit submissions


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