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Did you know that Stony Brook University offers more than 200 academic programs, from English to Electrical Engineering?

Students’ choices of majors and minors are virtually endless!

How can you narrow down your selection? 

Consider joining the Stony Brook University Sustainability Studies Program! Our program offers a selection of five unique majors, six minors, plus a graduate certificate program!

Check out the following five reasons why YOU should join the Sustainability Studies Program here at SBU:

1. Benefit from our small class sizes.

Unlike some other programs on campus, Sustainability Studies Program classes tend to be small. Many classes are conducted seminar style, with more of a discussion-type arrangement, fostering deep thought and meaningful conversation. Students and professors work together closely, forming tight bonds that endure long beyond graduation.

2. Gain hands-on experience.

Sustainability Studies Program students are afforded access to incredible research opportunities, both in and outside the classroom. Just a few examples include Dr. Sharon Pochron’s Earthworm Ecotoxicology Lab, the Chemistry for Environmental Scientists Lab course led by Dr. Aubrecht and Dr. Hoffmann, as well as field trips to top sustainability hubs like Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.

3. Find your passion.

 Sustainability Studies Program students have heart! If you care about people, animals, plants or the world at large, our program can provide you with an education in a field that you truly care about. Check out our majors, minors and graduate certificate program. Also, see the FAQ on our program offerings, here.

4. Our grads get jobs.

Green jobs are growing, say the latest market reports. And that must be true, because our grads are landing their dream jobs in sustainability! Grads of our program now work for organizations like Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, GMO Free NY, the Student Conservation Association, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Please visit our “Resources” link to read more about green job opportunities, graduate programs and more!

 5. Our students make change.

Our students’ passion and dedication to making the world a healthier, more sustainable place translate to real change being made in policy, innovation, thinking and more. Students’ successes just keep coming!

Interested in pursuing your Sustainability Studies Program education? Contact program director, Dr. Heidi Hutner for more information on how to get started!

2014's crop of Sustainability Studies Program students graduate in May and move on to amazing things!

2014’s crop of Sustainability Studies Program students graduate in May and move on to amazing things!

-Sustainability Studies Program at SBU-

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