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The 17th annual Evan R. Liblit Scholarship/Fundraiser Breakfast took place on November 12 at the Irish Coffee Pub in East Islip.  Michael Cahill, Chair of the Liblit Scholarship Steering Committee, was the moderator.  Welcome  remarks were made by Dr. Harold Walker of the Civil Engineering Department, who also gave an update on his undergraduate who had won the scholarship last year.  Dr. Carl Safina was the keynote speaker.

Moshan Chen, an Environmental Studies major with a concentration in Waste Management,  received the Liblit Undergraduate Award which honors an outstanding undergraduate who demonstrates a commitment to helping solve environmental problems.

Kaitlin Willig, a SoMAS graduate student, received the Liblit Graduate Award which supports a graduate student who demonstrates excellence in academic achievement and who is undertaking a marine, terrestrial, groundwater, atmospheric pollution-related or waste management research topic.

The winners were selected on the basis of their applications and interviews with members of the Liblit Memorial Scholarship Steering Committee.

Congratulations, Kaitlin and Moshan!!


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