The following are the Legislative Bills that are going to be on Tuesday’s agenda:

Newly Filed

A00404:  Authorizes the creation of the New York state quality seafood certification program; create a reliable method to identify and certify commercial food fish and shellfish; provides that participation in such program shall be voluntary.

A01231:  Relates to the misbranding of escolar or oilfish as tuna, albacore tuna or white tuna.

A04261/S2930:  Directs the attorney general to bring legal actions against the National Marine Fisheries Services or any other federal or state agency challenging existing inequitable fishing quotas that discriminate against New York state commercial fishermen.

A05623:  Authorizes the DEC to waive the income eligibility requirement set forth in the environmental conservation law and to issue a commercial food fishing license to retired Navy First Class Petty Officer Kevin Lynch.

A05402:  Prohibits party boats within seven hundred fifty feet of the shore of Sheepshead Bay or within one hundred feet of Sheepshead Bay Dock; restricts noise, does not apply to fishing boats.

A06317/S4440:  Establishes the commercial fisheries accessibility task force.

S04521:  Exempts veterans from certain eligibility requirements associated with the State commercial food fish license.

Re-filed, No Council Position

A1893/S1590:   Alows spears, spearguns and underwater guns in the commercial and recreational harvesting of striped bass

A06225:  Amends the Environmental Conservation Law in relation to the definition of “immediate family” as applied to the transfer of commercial fishing licenses.

A2298A/S02178A: Prohibits the taking of striped bass during the period January 15 to April 15.

Re-filed Bills, Council Opposes

A06719: Directs the Department of Environmental Conservation to grant Robert Zickmund, Sr. a license to fish conch

A04320: Provides for aquaculture and shellfish regulation, transferring authority over shellfish aquaculture from DEC to the State Department of Agriculture and Markets.

A00152/S00331:  Eliminates provisions of law that require the payment and subsequent refund of the ten cent diesel excise tax and sales tax on diesel motor fuel when sold to operators of commercial fishing vessels for use in the operation of such vessels.

A6308:  Imposes a 5-year harvest mortatorium on horseshoe crabs except those harvested for medical or research purposes.

A06929: Changes the income requirement for the State commercial foodfish license to 50% of total earned income over three consecutive years or $10,000 over three consecutive years from fishing; applies this same criteria to issuance of special commercial striped bass harvest permit.

A06314: Establishes a marine life protection task force within DEC and charges it to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the needs to protect marine life in New York’s Marine District and the adequacy of current laws and regulations to provide this protection.

A06302: Makes changes in the definition of the habitat protection zone for Long Island Sound, expanding to the east the no-trawl zone in the Sound.

A06306: Authorizes the taking of surf clams or ocean quahogs by mechanical means from the Atlantic Ocean for commercial purposes.

A00026:  provides that DEC will provide technical support to municipalities who wish to strengthen their tidal wetlands protective measure but do not have the wherewithal to do so.

A06926: Establishes a tax credit for commercial fishing equipment.

A02291/S02125: Decreases application fees for tidal wetlands permits

Should you wish to review any of the above bills, go to  fill in the appropriate bill number where indicated and all the information should pop up.

Tuesday’s agenda is as follows:

  • Marine resources legislation review
  • Presentation by John Davi on conch
  • Whelk minimum size limit regulatory proposal
  • Proposed solution to foodfish landing license/tautog issue
  • Species updates (winter flounder, black sea bass, striped bass, others)

**Please note that Tuesday will be Bill Wise’s last meeting as Chairman.  I hope to see many of you there to thank him for his 27 years of service and to wish him well as he moves forward.

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