NSF has recently announced the appointment of Dr. Lisa Clough to the position of Head, Ocean Section, in the Division of Ocean Sciences, Directorate for Geosciences. She will begin her new position effective May 3, 2015.   The announcement posted by Dr. Richard Murray is below.

Dr. Clough has been the Program Director for Antarctic Integrated System Science in the Division of Polar Programs at NSF for four years, first as a rotator from 2009-2011 and in a permanent position since 2013. Before coming to NSF, she spent ~20 years at East Carolina University, achieving the rank of full Professor of Biology, and serving as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research for two years. She has numerous publications, most recently focused on Arctic and North Carolina coastal ecosystems. Her outreach activities during this time included three years as the chair of the UNOLS Arctic Icebreaking Coordinating Committee.  She is a recipient of both the Arctic and Antarctic Service Medals, and the Distinguished Public Service Award from the U.S. Coast Guard. Her Ph.D. is in Coastal Oceanography, received from the Marine Sciences Research Center at Stony Brook University in 1993. Clough did her undergraduate degree at Wesleyan University, majoring in Biology and Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Lisa was one of the first alumni profiled on our web page and is helped conduct advisor Glenn Lopez‘s research project “Digestibility of Ice Algae and Phytoplankton: The Potential Impacts of Changing Food Supply to the Arctic Benthos.”  The image below on the left shows Lisa at the North Pole when she began her work in the Arctic at East Carolina University.  More recently, the image on the right is Lisa at the South Pole (she’s the short one on the right) as part of an NSF trip posted on the Diplomatic Post

Lisa Clough at the North Pole

Lisa Clough at the North Pole

Clough pic jpg

Lisa Clough (far right) at the South Pole








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