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From May 2015 URECA Researchers of the Month

Here are some of the graduating seniors we will miss. …We wish them all well with their future endeavors and pursuits!

Michael Colbert – Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences Major – Research Mentor: Dr. Brian Colle, School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences

colbert1Michael Colbert is an Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences major on the Meteorology track.  Michael’s first research experience took place at Stony Brook University during the Doppler Radar for Education and Mesoscale Studies (DREAMS) Project in 2013.  Michael operated a Doppler Radar on Wheels and took upper air observations during the project.  In the Summer of 2014, Michael took part in an REU at Colorado State University where he studied Doppler radar detected precursors to lightning initiation in convective storms.  Michael presented the results of this project at the 2015 Northeastern Storms Conference.  Most recently, Michael has been working on an Honors College Senior Project investigating the synoptic flow regimes and mesoscale features which support or inhibit convection initiation along the sea breeze front across the NYC and Long Island region.  Michael has also served as the president of the Meteorology Club for the past three years, coordinating efforts such as the installation of a weather station and web camera atop the Health Sciences Center, collaboration between the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences and the School of Journalism to create a broadcast meteorology class, and the creation of a social media presence called SBUWeather which the Meteorology Club uses to disseminate student-made weather forecasts and other important weather information.   In the Fall, Michael will be attending Penn State University to pursue a Ph.D. in Meteorology.

via May 2015 URECA Researchers of the Month.

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