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Right before graduation I went online and set up an account with the Student Conservation Association. Shortly afterward, I found out that I was accepted for a fellowship position as an environmental educator/naturalist/park ranger in Minnesota, and I have been working at the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

I am so lucky to spend everyday in the field leading and teaching visiting school groups. I am working alongside park rangers, naturalists, environmental educators, teachers and other members of the Fish and Wildlife service on a daily basis. I have been mist netting, trail clearing, have removed invasive plant species and helped show children to love, discover, and respect the natural world around them.  The picture here shows me working on the important Duck Banding Project, where each duck is affixed with a uniquely numbered aluminum leg band after its species, sex, and age are recorded for tracking purposes. Along with being an important biological tool, the banding program also offers unique outreach opportunities at the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center.

This has been an amazing experience and I couldn’t have asked for anything better to do for a start with my EHM degree. I am able to teach and help communicate natural beauty, science, and conservation to the general public (from pre-k to retirement homes) at a truly unique learning center in the heart of the prairie pothole region.  Helping connect people with nature by teaching them to learn and care for the natural world around them, is exactly what environmental humanities is all about.  I am really excited with my great start to working after leaving campus.  Rebecca

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