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Dr. Charles Flagg took another flight over the Breach at Old Inlet on Fire Island on October 26, 2015.  The flyover mosaic is available below.  Dr. Flagg also provided this report:

We did another overflight on Monday, Oct 26th, and one of the oblique photos and the photo-mosaic are attached.  Relative to the last flight on the 7th the changes have been small but still of interest.  The western spit has grown a little northward while the two part west channel has gotten squeezed.    The hooked extension of the eastern shore from the 7th has filled in on the north side while eroding slightly along the south.  This latest flight took place at ~1/4 tide while the one on the 7th was closer to high tide and that effects what is visible in the photos.  Nevertheless, one gets the impression that the main channel through the breach is somewhat smaller.  There is also a suggestion of new shoal forming in the area where the main channel turns northwestward into Bellport Bay.   On the ocean side, the along-shore shoal to the east has moved onshore as expected, while to the west there is a series of peninsula and shoals that dry during low tide.  The beginnings of the peninsula that is very clear now was just forming on the 7th.  There is another, lesser, peninsula that has formed a little farther west beyond to photos.

Mark Lang has assembled all the geo-referenced photo mosaics into a kml file that can be viewed using Google Earth.  By clicking between images and using the fade in-out button you can clearly see how the inlet is changing with time.  An offline version of the KML file is available as KMZ.

For more information, please visit Dr. Charles Flagg’s website.


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