The winners of the 2015 Evan R. Liblit Memorial Scholarships have been announced!  Ryan Wallace of SoMAS has won the Liblit Graduate Scholarship.  Emily Markowitz has won the Liblit Undergraduate Scholarship.  The winners were selected on the basis of their accomplishments and interviews with members of the Liblit Memorial Scholarship Steering Committee.

The students were guests at the annual Liblit Memorial Scholarship Awards Breakfast on Wednesday, November 18 at the Irish Coffee Pub in East Islip.

Congratulations to both students!!

Photos from the event are available on Google Photos.

Thank You to Our Contributors and Major Donors

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  • The Liblit Family
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  • H2M architects + engineers
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  • NYS Association for Solid Waste Management
  • NYS Solid Waste Association of North America
  • RRT Design & Construction
  • Waste Reduction and Management Institute
  • Winter Bros. Waste Systems
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