me and searobinM.S. and Ph.D. candidate Sara Cernadas-Martin, a student in the lab of Dr. Ellen Pikitch, has been selected to receive a Dr. W. Burghardt Turner Fellowship!

This award recognizes the academic and research achievements of underrepresented PhD students not previously supported by the Turner fellowship, providing one to two years of fellowship funding to assist in their timely completion of the dissertation and receipt of the PhD.

According to Dr. Charles Taber, Dean of the Graduate School at Stony Brook University, “members of the Turner Fellowship family have been a part of every graduate program at our University. Their rigorous scholarship contributes to ground breaking discoveries, and their presence and civic engagement strengthens our campus community and helps us recruit and retain students from a variety of ethnic, economic, and cultural backgrounds. The progress of ideas demands diversity. This is a scientific imperative. ”

Sara was nominated through letters by Dr. Anne McElroy and Dr. Ellen Pikitch.  Her Turner Fellowship includes a financial award of $20,000 for two years ($10,000 each year).

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