SoMAS is pleased to announce that Michelle Barbosa has received the Undergraduate Recognition Award for Academic Excellence. This award is given in recognition of academic accomplishments that go beyond the classroom experience. Michelle is a Marine Vertebrate Biology major (class of 2017) that has been maintaining a stellar GPA of 3.96 throughout her undergraduate career.

Michelle is a Long Island native who has a genuine love for marine critters. Michelle’s interest in aquatic diseases led her to the Marine Animal Disease Laboratory (MADL) where she has been an undergraduate research assistant since the start of her sophomore year. Under the guidance of Dr. Bassem Allam, Michelle has conducted research on multiple bivalve pathogens and is currently investigating the host-pathogen interactions between the alveolate parasite Perkinsus marinus and its host Crassostrea virginica, the eastern oyster. She plans to develop her current work into her honors thesis research during her senior year. Michelle is also a three time recipient of the Academic Achievement Award and a member of the University Scholars program and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Michelle plans to pursue her PhD in the field of marine pathology and continue her career in research.

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