The 2016 Vax to Flax Run was held on Saturday April 30th on a beautiful sunny day. The race course followed the Vax-to-Vax format (seen on the right) where the race starts at SoMAS and travels clockwise around Circle Drive to return back to SoMAS.  Seven faculty and post docs raced against eleven students.  As has been the recent tradition, the faculty times overall beat the student times.

The BBQ at the end of the race was enjoyed by everyone.  Many thanks to the organization by the SoMAS Graduate Student Club for organizing the event!

Photos from the event are available on Google Photos.




Faculty and Post Doc Times:

Chris Gobler-26:07
Kurt Bretsch-28:32
Robert Aller-36:02
Jill Olin-35:44
Lesley Thorne-30:12
Sleiman Bassim-48:05
Mark Lang-1:05:01
Student Times:

Jake Thickman-27:11
Julia Stepanuk-32:30
John Bohorquez-34:08
Molly Graffam-31:19
Irvin Huang-31:36
Abigail Tyrell-37:30
Lisa Herbert-42:51
Hannah Blair-42:51
Tara Dolan-42:51
Jienan Li-35:50
Ben Kramer-27:21
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