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I attended SUNY Cortland for undergrad and was a biology major. I chose to attend this program here at Stony Brook because I not only wanted the education in marine biology, but I also wanted the education in conservation policy. This program I felt would leave me with the knowledge and experience to tackle problems that I feel passionate about upon graduation. Also, I really liked how the program was designed by each student being able to choose which courses work best for them for post-graduation. I am very passionate about the protection and conservation of marine mammals as well as the protection and conservation of coral reefs. These passions of mine have lead me to this program today. I do not have any specific career goals in mind yet. However, I know I would be really interested in doing research and field work, as well as working with conservation organizations. The best advice I can think of is time management. This is an excellent and rewarding program, and it is very important to stay on top of your work.

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