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I attended SUNY Fredonia with a major in Public Relations and minors in Biology and Psychology. I have always been interested in marine sciences. After taking an environmental science class at Fredonia I decided I wanted to assist in environmental efforts. I was able to combine these interests with my communication skills as the host and associate producer of Aqua Kids, an environmental children’s show. I decided to apply to the MCP program in order to expand my knowledge of marine sciences in order to more effectively communicate the related environmental issues to the public. Through my experience at Connecticut Fund for the Environment I was also able to see firsthand the crucial role that policy plays in solving these issues. Through my graduate experience I plan to obtain a clearer understanding of how policy can support marine conservation initiatives, gain a solid knowledge base of the science behind the issues, and strengthen my communication skills to translate the issues to both the general public and policymakers. My goal is to become an advocate for marine conservation by utilizing my communications skills. I hope to inspire others to want to make a difference by showing them that the ocean is full of amazing ecosystems and unique species that are truly worth saving. The key to my approach will be to educate the public about important marine related environmental issues in a way they can understand and relate to while supplying simple everyday solutions along with lifestyle changes. Additionally, I will use public and scientific support to enact policy changes. I would suggest considering this program if you are interested in communicating marine conservation issues to the public and policymakers. If you are more interested in research and fieldwork, I would suggest looking into Stony Brook’s MS program. If you are interested in communication, I would highly promote taking courses with the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. The oceans are not only home to an incredible diversity of life, they also support the survival of all life on Earth. Many of the threats facing the ocean – from climate change to overfishing to pollution – are caused by humans. Therefore, it is up to us to provide solutions.

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