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The Jerry R. Schubel Graduate Fellowship Program provides an annual award for SoMAS graduate students committed to translating science into forms that are accessible to the public and/or inform public policy. The Schubel Fellows will help serve as “ambassadors” for SoMAS in its mission to employ scientific research to address environmental problems that confront society. Applicants should demonstrate exceptional academic achievement as well as a strong interest in environmental issues, and, in particular, the translation of research findings into improved environmental stewardship and public awareness.

The Jerry R. Schubel Fellowship is awarded to students that are committed to translating research into information that enriches public understanding of Marine and Atmospheric Science.

The 2017 Fellowship is awarded to:

Sam Gurr and Stephanie K. Adamczak

In Recognition of Their Outstanding Academic Record and in Support of their Planned Activities in Public Outreach and Use of Science to Inform Public Policy.

The student names will be added to the plaque in the lobby of Endeavour Hall. The student names are listed on the virtual plaque on the Awards and Honors page.  The winning students received an award of $3000.  Congratulations to Sam and Stephanie!

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