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The School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences is pleased to announce that a limited number of travel awards were made available through the generosity of the Maze-Landeau Graduate Student Fund for Excellence. These awards were competitive and are for full-time graduate students, including Marine Conservation and Policy students, to attend and present a paper or a poster at a national or international professional society meeting.

Applications were submitted to the Associate Dean for Education Dr. Henry Bokuniewicz with a brief description of the meeting to be attended, an abstract of the paper or poster, and a letter of support from the advisor that discussed the importance of the meeting for the applicant, financial need and progress toward degree. The Faculty Council reviewed the applications and the winners are listed below:

Student Meeting Location Date Abstract Authors Advisor
Megan Hahn European Society for Evolutionary Biology Groningen, the Netherlands 8/20/2017 A Potential Role for microbes in the infectious process of the cestode parasite Schistocephalus solidus Megan A. Hahn & Nolwenn M. Dheilly   Nolwenn Dheilly
Lis Henderson International Council for the Exploration of the Sea Fort Lauderdale, Florida 9/18- 21/2017 Determining thermal preferences and limits of fish and zooplankton using trawl survey observations Lis Henderson and Janet Nye Janet Nye
Irvin Huang 19th Pollutant Responses in Marine Organisms



6/2017 A wide range of pure pharmaceuticals can alter visual motor response in larval zebrafish (Danio rerio) Irvin Huang, Howard Sirotkin, and Anne McElroy   Anne McElroy
Brandyn Lucca Acoutical Society of America meeting Boston, MA, 6/25-29/2017 Acoustic quantification of abundance, biomass, and size class of Atlantic menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus) in a shallow estuary in Long Island, New York B.M. Lucca, H. Blair and J. Warren Joseph Warren
Emily Markowitz American Fisheries Society National Conference Tampa, Florida, 8/20-24/2017 Distribution Shifts Associated with Changing Environmental Parameters in Two Demersal Species Summer Flounder (Paralichthys dentatus) and Black Sea Bass (Centropristis striata) Emily Markowitz, Michael Frisk, Skyler Sagarese and Janet Nye Janet Nye
Mark Nepf Western Economic Association International 92nd Annual Conference San Diego, California 6/25-29/2017 A Hedonic Analysis of Real Estate & Water Quality in Suffolk County, NY M. Nepf and A. Dvarskas   Anthony Dvarskas
Teresa Schwemmer 41st Annual Larval Fish Conference Austin, Texas 7/12-16/ 2017 Physiological Effects of Increased Temperature and Carbon Dioxide on the Atlantic Silverside Janet Nye, Hannes Baumann, Teresa Schwemmer Janet Nye
Suyash Bire 2017 Gordon Conference on Coastal Ocean Dynamics Biddeford, Maine June 10-16, 2017 Poleward eastern boundary current in an eddy-resolving model Suyash Bire, Christopher Wolfe Christopher Wolfe


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