Kathryn Norman and Shannon Grogan attended the 46th annual Benthic Ecology Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC on the weekend of April 14th where they both presented posters on their research. They were so surprised to find out that they were presenting next to each other!  They offered the following updates about their lives after graduating Stony Brook University:
We wanted to reach out and let you know we’d run into each other to give you updates on our careers post graduation, since we both owe our success in grad school to our start as Seawolves.

Both Shannon and I were coastal studies majors and graduated in 2015. We’ve both since moved on to attend graduate school and are in research based Master’s programs. I’m currently working towards a Master’s in Biology at George Washington University in the lab of Dr. Keryn Gedan. In my research I use GIS to study how blue carbon varies across spatial gradients in Mid Atlantic tidal salt marshes. Specifically, I’m looking at how elevation, vegetation composition, and salinity might impact soil carbon storage.

Shannon is now also a Master’s student at University of South Florida working in the lab of Dr. Susan Bell studying impacts to mangrove propagule dispersal.

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