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Congratulations to our graduates!  The annual SoMAS Convocation occurred on Friday, May 19, 2017 at the Student Activities Center auditorium. Students gathered with their friends and family and SoMAS faculty and staff to celebrate the completion of their journey at Stony Brook University.

Interim Dean Larry Swanson provided opening remarks after the processional and Michael White, Esq. gave the Convocation Address.

Awarding of Undergraduate Certificates

  • B.S. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences – Presented by Dr. Brian A. Colle
    • John Buckheit, Nicole Casamassina, Andrea Drollinger, Keenan Fryer, Jong Jeon, Xinyao Lin, Kylie Merrow, Sarah Nickford, Andrew Samet, Christopher Stubenrauch, Fan Zhang
  • B.A. in Environmental Studies – Presented by Dr. Kamazima M.M. Lwiza
    • Cameron Cisek, Ian Flanagan, Kaitlyn Fleissner, Kaitlyn Fox, Daniel Gonsalves, Sergiy Grim, Khadeja Haider, Joyce Lee, Amanda Little, Kaitlyn Marra, Larissa Meehan, Katherine Pichardo, Savannah Rose, Zachary Roselle, Nicholas Sitler, Celesse Vazquez, Arianna West, Cariann Wood, Wilson Wu, Wen-Qiang Zheng
  • B.S. in Marine Sciences  – Presented by Dr. Kamazima M.M. Lwiza
    • Harrison Andina, Deana Baron, Brianna Cahill, Katherine Gregory, James Loglisci, Christopher Meyer, Wilderness Oberman, Horia Popa, Pamela Stevens, Joseph Unsworth
  • B.S. in Marine Vertebrate Biology – Presented by Dr. Kamazima M.M. Lwiza
    • Natassia Balek, Michelle Barbosa, Naeem Barrett, Ariel Calle, Lara Cordaro, Ian Digiovanni, Allegra Evert, Cassandra Fries, Steven Georgiou, Jessica Massaro, Sho Miyazaki, Joseph Montesano, Meghan Oates, Evan O’Brien, Cailey Treyz, Kristin Yevoli
  • B.S. in Coastal Environmental Studies – Presented by Dr. Heidi Hutner
    • Madison Burrus, Jesse Hopkins, Akilah Lewis, Liana Penny
  • B.A. in Ecosystems and Human Impact – Presented by Dr. Heidi Hutner
    • Mauree Akhi, Nicole Chan, Sara Conway, Rebecca Glayzer, Rhiannon Gomez, Clayton Salamon
  • B.A. in Environmental Design, Policy and Planning – Presented by Dr. Heidi Hutner
    • Rob Butera, Weiran Chen, Michael Cotton, Christina Fluman, Riming Guo, Brandon Loo, Sarah Matero, Kathryn Osenni, Peter Sander, Ronald Theofield, Bill Wongso, Shurou Zhang
  • B.A. in Environmental Humanities – Presented by Dr. Heidi Hutner
    • Andrea Baatz, Michaela Carrillo, Natasia Cole, Bridget Foley, Thomas King, Chad Marvin, Jessica Pottetti, Kelsey Pottetti, Fauzia Rasheed, Darren Serignese, Elizabeth Stevens, Michael Varley
  • B.A. in Sustainability Studies – Presented by Dr. Heidi Hutner
    • Stanley Chen, Joseph Ditzio, Austin Duncan, Stephanie Ebbrecht, Jonas Elliott, Brenny Feliz, Dalton Gilbert, Serafina Margono, Erin McCabe, Natasha Reynoso, Monica Saba, Charlotte Sears, Asiamae Somboonlakana, Vandana Venugopal
Stony Brook Alumni Association Dean’s Choice Awards

  • Presented by Dr. Frank Roethel
    • Atmospheric Sciences – Christopher Stubenrauch
    • Environmental Studies – Savannah Rose
    • Marine Vertebrate Biology – Michelle Barbosa
    • Environmental Design, Policy and Planning – Sarah Matero
    • Environmental Humanities – Andrea Baatz


Honors Recognized

  • Undergraduate Honors presented by Dr. Larry Swanson, Interim Dean
    • Michelle Barbosa Physiological Cost of Ocean Acidification in Marine Bivalves.  Advised by Dr. Bassem Allam.
    • Savannah Rose Expression of Hypoxia-associated Genes in Response to Diurnal Hypoxia in the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica Co-advised by Drs. Nolwenn M. Dheilly & Nils Volkenborn.

Timothy Magnussen Memorial Scholarship

  • Magdalena Wrobel
  • Joshua Feldman

Petra M. Udelhofen Memorial Scholarship Award Presented by Dr. Brian A. Colle

  • Matthew McDermott

Nuria Protopopescu Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching Presented by Dr. Robert C. Aller

  • Sabrina Geraci-Yee

Pikitch Family Endowed Student Research Award Presented by Dr. David Black

  • Abigail Tyrell

Best Thesis/Dissertation Awards – Presented by Dr. David Black

  • Best Dissertation: Alison Flanagan
  • Best Thesis: Jennifer Jankowiak

Master of Arts in Marine Conservation and Policy Certificates

Presented by Dr. Glenn Lopez

  • Rachael Coccia, Shannon Davis, Kaitlin Johnson, Jesse Keltz, Whitney Leigh, Jenna Schwerzmann, Christopher Seslar, Rachel Silver, Celeste Stout

Master of Science and Doctoral Certificates in Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Presented by Dr. David Black

  • Master of Science in Marine & Atmospheric Sciences
    • Dylan Bothe Chemical Characterization of Sea Spray Aerosol Using Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy Drs. Josephine Y. Aller & Daniel A. Knopf, Co-Advisors
    • Kristen Butler Sulfur Cycling in the Cariaco Basin and a Meromictic Lake in Fayetteville, New York Dr. Mary I. Scranton, Advisor
    • Gina Clementi Assessing the Primary Drivers on the Relative Abundance of Elasmobranchs on Caribbean Coral Reefs Dr. Demian Chapman, Advisor
    • Julia Donaton Diet Analysis of Loggerhead Sea Turtles in New York Waters Dr. Lesley Thorne, Advisor
    • Samuel Gurr Effects of Diel-Cycling Hypoxia on the Cardiac Activity and Growth of Argopecten irradians Dr. Nils Volkenborn, Advisor
    • Emily Hildebrandt Macrobenthic Species Abundance and Diversity Associated with Dense Assemblages of the Tube-building Polychaete Clymenella torquata Dr. Glenn R.Lopez, Advisor
    • Jennifer Jankowiak Effects of Nutrient Enrichment and Elevated Temperature on Cyanobacteria Bloom Diversity and Toxicity in Temperate Freshwater Lakes Dr. Christopher J. Gobler, Advisor
    • Jeanette Lee Optimizing the Removal of Phosphorus in Nitrogen-Removing Biofilters Dr. Laura Wehrmann, Advisor
    • Mark Nepf A Hedonic Analysis of Real Estate & Water Quality Across Suffolk County, New York Dr. Anthony Dvarskas, Advisor
    • Stivaly Paulino The Role of Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) on the Water Quality in Jamaica Dr. Henry J. Bokuniewicz, Advisor
    • Spencer Saraf Cardiotoxicity Associated with Exposure to Microcystis in Early Life Stage Fishes Dr. Anne E. McElroy, Advisor
    • Julia Stepanuk Spatiotemporal Patterns of Short-Finned Pilot Whale and Pelagic Longline Distribution in the Northwest Atlantic: An Assessment to Inform the Management of Fisheries Bycatch Dr. Lesley Thorne, Advisor
    • Alexandra Stevens Interactive Effects of Thermal Stress, Acidification, and Hypoxia on Growth and Survival of Juvenile Bivalves Dr. Christopher J. Gobler, Advisor
    • Amanda Tinoco Effects of Hurricane Sandy on Great South Bay, Long Island: Assessing Water Quality, Seagrass and Associated Nekton Communities Dr. Bradley J. Peterson, Advisor
    • Kaitlin Willig Short-Term and Long-Term Trends in Water Quality in West Bay, Nassau County, New York Dr. R. Lawrence Swanson , Advisor
    • Catherine Ziegler Migration Diversity, Spawning Behavior, and Temperature Selection of Winter Flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) Dr. Michael G. Frisk, Advisor


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Marine & Atmospheric Sciences
    • Sara Ganetis The Role of Thermodynamic Processes in the Evolution of Single and Multi-banding within Winter Storms Dr. Brian A. Colle, Advisor
    • Seanna Mallon Multiphase Oxidation and Photochemistry of Biomass Burning Aerosol Proxies: Kinetics and Products Dr. Daniel A. Knopf, Advisor
    • Luping Su Influence of Dynamics and Chemistry on the Photochemistry of Isoprene: Field and Chamber Studies Dr. John E. Mak, Advisor
    • Xin Xie Improving and Understanding Climate Models: Scale-Aware Parameterization of Cloud Water Inhomogeneity and Sensitivity of MJO Simulation to Physical Parameters in a Convection Scheme Dr. Minghua Zhang, Advisor
Minor in Environmental Studies

Richard Berkhout, Jong Jeon, Joseph Laspina, Lynn Lewis-Bevan, James Loglisci, Jessica Massaro, Ankur Mody, Luis Naranjo, Pamela Stevens, Joseph Unsworth

Minor in Marine Sciences

Daniel Gonsalves, Amanda Little, Ethan Muller, Zachary Roselle, Lianna Walsh, Arianna West, Wen-Qiang Zheng

Minor in Coastal Environmental Studies

Brianna Cahill, Ariel Calle, Nicole Casamassina, Sarah Nickford

Minor in Ecosystems and Human Impact

Mahin Choudhury, Larissa Meehan, Cariann Wood

Minor in Environmental Design, Policy and Planning

Taylor Brant, Barbara Duong, Tamara Goodwin, Thomas King, Michael Varley

Minor in Environmental Humanities

Natasha Reynoso, Jennifer Wang

Minor in Sustainability Studies

Michael Gusev, Justin Manning, Sarah Matero, Matthew Mullen-Mechtly, Erin O’Connor, Emma Pizzuti, Amanda Rooney, Jennifer Wang

Minor in Geospatial Science

Harrison Andina, Deana Baron, Nicole Casamassina, Michael Cotton, Kaitlyn Fox, Dalton Gilbert, Dylan McDougall, Joseph Muselevichus Jr., Sarah Nickford, Wen-Qiang Zheng


Photos of the Event taken by Kurt Bretsch, Tom Wilson and Gina Gartin are available on Google Photos.

Photos of Graduating Students available on Google Photos.

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