Kevin Teague and Nicole Gallicchio were students in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences B.S. Program at Stony Brook University. Kevin graduated in December of 2011, and started working at FleetWeather Inc in Hopewell Junction, NY as a Marine Meteorologist Technician. After Nicole graduated in May of 2012, both decided to open their own private weather forecasting and consulting company, Forecasting Consultants LLC. Together they built and ran the company with success, working with event planners from around the country, various law firms, private contractors, and more.

In April 2015, Kevin and Nicole were asked to be part of an environmental textbook series and started work on researching and authoring their own textbook called The Evolution of Meteorology: a look into the past, present, and future of weather forecasting. This summer, after over two years of dedicated and strenuous research and work, Wiley Blackwell Publishing Company approved and published the textbook. Kevin has continued to be a weather enthusiast while also working full-time in Administration at the North Shore Public Library in Shoreham, NY. Nicole has continued to run and build Forecasting Consultants LLC, while also working full-time in strategic management positions.

Teague, K. A., & Gallicchio, N. (2017). The Evolution of Meteorology: A Look Into the Past, Present and Future of Weather Forecasting. John Wiley & Sons.

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