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From Read the Draft of the Climate Change Report by the New York Times, August 7, 2017

A final draft report by scientists from 13 federal agencies concludes that Americans are feeling the effects of climate change right now. The report was completed this year and is part of the National Climate Assessment, which is congressionally mandated every four years.

One of the lead authors on the report is former MSRC faculty Dr. Duane Waliser, currently at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  The content of the report references papers by Dr. Gordon Taylor, Dr. Mary Scranton, Dr. Sultan Hameed, Dr. Chris Gobler, Dr. Brian Colle, Dr. Edmund Chang, Dr. Ping Liu, Dr. Minghua Zhang, Dr. Marvin Geller, Dr. Kevin Reed, alumnae Dr. Owen Doherty, Dr. Hannes Baumann, Dr. Kelly Lombardo, Dr. Zhenhai Zhang, and Elizabeth DePasquale.

The PDF file is available to view and download.

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