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Many thanks to the people who helped with New Student BBQ this past Friday.  Interim Dean Larry Swanson noted that “the food, decorations, and weather were great, and we had a very good turnout.  This is a wonderful SoMAS tradition and one of the highlights of the year.”

Kudos to Mark Wiggins, Steve Ortega, Mark Lang, Ginny Clancy, Kim Knoll, Steve Abrams, Tom Wilson, Alex Sneddon, Bonnie Stephens, Diane Vigliotta, Ping Liu, Paul Tompkins, Issac Klingensmith, Karin Schweitzer, Rachel Silver, Chris Crosby, Nicholas Leonardo, Wen Cong, Arianna Varuolo-Clarke, Megan Hahn, Wenda Zhang, Zeen Zhu, Johnny Bohorquez, Adam Charboneau, Nicholas Leonard, Laura Bonilla, and Jake Murphy for a job well done.

Photos by John Graham and Ginny Clancy available on Google Photos.

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