Many thanks to those who participated and assisted with the 2018 Flax to Vax Race + BBQ on Saturday April 28th! The overall winner was student Tim Curtin with a time of 26:13. The faculty winner was Chris Gobler with a time of 26:24. The faculty “won” the race by 3 seconds with a top 5 averaged time of 29:07, the student top 5 averaged time was 29:10.

With the help of the SoMAS community, the Graduate Student Club accepted donations for the Flax to Vax Fund Race which go towards replenishing the Okubo Scholar fund. Mary Scranton, representing Challenger Hall, beat out Mike Frisk by a slim margin of $4 to become the winner of the fund race! Thanks to Jackie CollierMark Lang, Michael French, Mary Scranton, Brad Peterson and Mike Frisk for agreeing to participate in the fund race and to everyone who made donations!

Name Team Time
 Tim Curtin  Student 26:13
Chris Gobler  Faculty 26:24
Heather Lynch  Faculty 26:37
Ben Kramer  Student 29:17
Kurt Bretsch  Faculty 29:25
Mark Wiggins  Faculty 29:57
Wenda Zhang  Student  29:57
Steven Tomasett  Student 30:28
Molly Graffam  Student 31:29
Justin Bopp  Student 31:50
Melanie Wolfe Pitt  Outside 32:03
Mark Maa  Student 33:02
Matt Fuirst  Student 33:36
Joe Warren  Faculty 34:14
Ollie Shipley  Student 34:45
Karin Schweitzer  Student 36:00
Hang Yin  Student 27:21
Leah Reidenbach  Student 37:17
Bob Aller  Faculty 37:32
Jiwen Zhu  Student 38:48
Julia Stepanuk  Student 39:26
Abby Tyrell  Student 40:34
Xiao Hui Liu  Faculty 40:53
Alyssa Stansfield  Student 42:21
Liz Najman  Student 42:24
Lequan Chi Student  44:32
Yicheng Huang Student 45:07
Tara Dolan Student 49:27
Ari Vanudo-Clarke Student 58:25
Ben Adkins Student 58:27
Student Time 29.17
Faculty Time 29.12

Pictures by Kurt Bretsch, Teresa Schwemmer and Mark Lang

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