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Thank you to everyone who came out to the New Student Barbeque on Friday! It was a humid day, but a great one for a cookout! We went through a whole lot of burgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers and all the fixings!

Special thanks to all the volunteers, including:

Diane Vigliotta, Ginny Clancy, Mark Wiggins, Mark Lang, Tom Wilson, Alex Sneddon, Steve Ortega, Steve Abrams, Ping Liu, Chrissy Ozelis, Christina Fink, Hanne Tracy, Paul Tompkins, Karin Schweitzer, Alyssa Stansfield, Wen Cong, Paulette Gerber, Kim Knoll, Liz Najman, Maureen Murphy, and Betsy Barrows.

Photos from the event taken by Ginny Clancy, Mark Lang and Tom Wilson are available on Google Photos

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