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On Saturday, September 22, SoMAS joined many other departments at the University for the 2nd annual campus-wide open house event, CommUniversity Day!

With the fantastic weather, SoMAS had a great opportunity to shine and showcase our programs.

Our impact on the event could not have come together without the help of the volunteers who donated their time to share our school with the crowd. Many thanks to the following people:

Tom Wilson
Maureen Murphy
Chrissy Ozelis
Donna Selch
Tara Rider
Kurt Bretsch
Nils Volkenborn
Ian Dywer
Molly Graffam
Damien Beri
Katie McKeown
Kathleen Folan
Mark Lang

And thank you to those who stopped by to visit and show your support!

Photos from the event taken by Nils Volkenborn, Kurt Bretsch, Tom Wilson, Karen Warren and Mark Lang are available on Google Photos.

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