Holiday greetings to you all!

This is a great time to reflect on 2018, how much we have accomplished, and how fortunate we are. We are fortunate to have such bright, hardworking, and ambitious students, from whom we can learn. They are a significant part of what makes SoMAS great. I hope for us that every student has experiences in SoMAS that make her/him say “Wow, that was cool!”. I have been delighted in the half year I have been here to meet so many people in our community who got their degrees in our programs. I have spent much of my time learning about us, who we are, and our fantastic achievements, and even greater potential. Jody and I have been delighted to be welcomed to and integrated into the SBU and the broader Long Island community, and what a great sense of family we have here. Wherever I go, I hear “you just have great people in SoMAS”. Yes, I know!

In the past year, there have been many exciting scientific accomplishments, and new developments with programs, and our facilities. This and our developing strategic planning progress, and our associated intense ambitions for the success and prominence of SoMAS should bring us all excitement for the coming year. I look forward to working with each and all of you in ensuring that SoMAS is truly exceptional, and high-impact. This certainly is a time in which we need inspired leadership, and I believe that SoMAS can provide important leadership for our students, the State, Nation, and World. In the words of the old African proverb: “If you want to go quickly, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” Let us lead, together.

I wish for all of you peace and good health, strong and enriching bonds with friends and family, and a productive new year!

Paul Shepson
Dean, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Director, Marine Sciences Research Center

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