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The Regeneron Science Talent Search has named the top 300 scholars as part of its 78th nationwide research competition among high school students. Eighteen of these students conduct research in Stony Brook University laboratories and are mentored by Stony Brook faculty. Faculty in the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences mentored three of these students. Their research projects involve a wide range topics in STEM disciplines such as chemistry, cell biology, geosciences, and civil engineering. For a complete list of the 18 top scholars and their mentors see this link.

Thirteen of these students are part of the Simons Summer Research Program, including two from SoMAS. More than 2,000 students entered the 2019 competition, and among the 300 selected as top scholars each will receive $2,000. The university will receive $2,000 per scholar to be used toward STEM-related activities. The scholars are part of the select group competing for the top 40 Regeneron finalists and the top prize. Students selected as a Top 40 finalist will receive $25,000. The top prize winner will receive $250,000. The 40 finalists will be named January 23.

The following students were mentored by faculty at SoMAS:

Kelsey Ge
Ward Melville HS, East  Setauket, NY
Regeneron STS Scholar
  Multidecadal Trends in Tropical Cyclone Behavior within North Atlantic Sub-Basins Dr. Brian Colle
School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences
Maya Peña-Lobel
Ward Melville HS, East  Setauket, NY
Regeneron STS Scholar

Changes in Gene Expression of Ion Regulatory Proteins in Developing Atlantic Silverside (Menidia menidia) Subjected to Ocean Acidification Conditions
Dr. Janet Nye
Dr. Nolwenn Dheilly
School of Marine & Atmospheric Science
Katie Sierra
Northport HS, Northport, NY
Regeneron STS Scholar

Effects of Multiple Stressors on Survivorship and Growth in Juvenile Mytilus edulis
Dr. Dianna Padilla
Ecology & Evolution


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