Thank you to everyone who came out for this year’s Flax to Vax Run/BBQ on Saturday April 27! This event is hosted by the SoMAS Graduate Student club and had a great turnout.  The Club Officers hope everyone had as much fun as they did!

The results of the race:

Top Student Finisher (and top finisher overall): Tim Curtin at 25:48
Top Faculty/Staff Finisher: Chris Gobler at 26:16

Overall after averaging the top 5 faculty times and top 10 student times, the faculty beat the students by about 2 and a half minutes.  The complete time list is below:

Faculty Times
Chris Gobler 26:16
Heather Lynch 26:52
Kurt Bretsch 29:04
Mark Wiggins 29:09
Joe Warren 34:08
Betsy Barrows 54:21

Student Times
Tim Curtin 25:48
Brad Mcguire 26:10
Wenda Zhang 28:58
Benjamin Kramer 29:57
Justin Bopp 30:45
Oliver Shipley 33:56
Hang Yin 35:14
Lisa Herbert 37:12
Liz Najman 37:20
Julia Stepanuk 37:31
Zhanhui Qi 37:41
Rebecca Rogers 38:06
Kris Tuftedal 40:21
Yicheng Huang 41:18
Teresa Schwemmer 43:39
Megan Hahn 52:04
Jake Segall 54:05
Darci Swenson 54:05

Again thank you to everyone who came out for this event (and for everyone who helped us setup/grill/clean up) and we hope to see you all again next year.

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